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VELVET - Bagga Bownz 
(, )

Thought it would be easy
But it turned out wrong

Thought it would be gentle
But it turned out harsh

Then suddenly it's gone
from deep inside me
But the moment lingers on

Thought it would be velvet
But it turned out blue

Thought I would be living
But I burned out

The mirror looks at me
But what I'm seeing
Was not supposed to be
Can you wake me?

The dream I had
Became more and more like a nightmare
But what is right or wrong?

So I say
I won't let you down
Don't wanna loose you
I'll never let you go
I say Heyoo
I won’t let you down
Hold on, I believe in you

They said I would be screaming
But I turned out hush

They said I would be fighting
But I turned out eased

Holding on to me
Don't wanna loose it
It was not supposed to be

I'm not gonna close the door
Don't wanna loose you now
I'm not gonna close my eyes
To all the little things I never saw before
All the little things I never said before
All the little things, little things

Rain in my brain
all I feel is torture and pain
reason with
all my cards are on the table
be my ace, be the smile on my face
all I wanted was your love
I knew that I would never ever get your trust
I knew that I would never ever play my part
and now I’m here with a hole in my heart, hole in my heart

I say
I won't let you down
Just hold on
I’d never let you go
I believe in you


released September 10, 2010
Bagga Bownz



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baggabownz Den Haag

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